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Artistic objectives :
Le Lac Gelé is a genuine path in itself. It's a path waiting for the world to pour down its Truth, the Truth ofCreation, the culmination of perceptions and sensations which will prevail and outlive we mortals.The French 20th century philosopher, Gilles Deleuze, wrote that the role of the artist is not to createconcepts, but to create precepts...Photography must be considered as a medium and the artist is to use this medium. Photography is the outward expression of an artist's perception of the universe.Whether he tells his own story, expresses beauty or ugliness, or even pushes boundaries, there will be a placeat Le Lac gelé.The only necessity is that the artist succeed in making us feel deeply, allowing us to find His Truth or any Truth through the lens of the art of photography.The successive exhibitions will present photographs that speak for themselves, photographs with a strongcapacity to move us emotionally and create a shock both aesthetical and intellectual.

Le lac gelé/ Lieu de phénomènes photographiques3, Grand rue, 30000 Nîmes
Opened in June 2008, Le Lac gelé is located next to the Fine Arts School in city center.The Gallery was originally a 17th century shop which had been closed for the last 30 years.The shop was restored with respect to the architecture of the time and now exhibits selective photographic works.
Spirit of the place :
Le Lac gelé is dedicated to artistic creation.It hosts10 exhibitions a year including special events such as photographic screen projections, conferences,special meetings,......and above all, a strong desire to offer the borderless world of photographic creation to the public.In support of photographic diffusion and artistic creation, Le lac Gelé also offers the possibility ofbuying photographers'original photo printing and is constantly compiling its photography Library.
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